Maarten van der Kloot Meijburg has 23 years of working experience, of which 12 years in management positions in the highly competitive trading and sales environment of the banking and energy industry and 7 years as strategic advisor and project manager in the banking and energy sector. He has set up and/or reorganized sales departments, set up new businesses and developed & analyzed projects for many different large companies in both sectors. He has extensive experience in (structured) sales activities, is very well acquainted with the advanced quantitative techniques (option & probability theories) used in trading oriented business environments and has a broad experience in project management. His management style is characterized by his analytical understanding, creativity, enthusiasm and perseverance. Maarten sees his work notably as peoples business because in the end it is the engagement of the companies employees that makes a strategy or a project work. Maarten therefore always works closely together with the employees assigned to projects and typically includes their knowledge in the projects.

Maarten often works together with partners from the Energy Risk Advisory Group which he founded in 2007. The Energy Risk Advisory Group is a partnership of energy specialists.